Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bahhhston, you are WRONG!

Watched "The Departed" last night with the Mrs. Watching it reminded me yet again of Good God how I despise Massachusetts and Boston. Then this morning catching up with GunPundit's blog I saw this billboard that stood on my last nerve. It's not so much the billboard, I mean, we let the Brady bunch spend their money (back when they used to have some, har har) on hysterical I-95 billboards warning that Florida residents are a bunch of trigger-happy hicks. Whichever bunch of liberal assholes that put up this board are certainly entitled to do so, however mind-effed they are.

No, what just pushed me over the edge is that way too many people in Massachusetts think the billboard above makes sense!?! They seem to feel this way about gun shows, but support a federal imperial .gov that DOES have the same policy about our border with Mexico? (H/T to GunPundit for pointing this out) Must go along with the same worthlessness that makes them vote in the likes of Ted Kennedy and John Kerry year after year. Massachusetts, you are WRONG, un-eff yourselves for God's sake!

Gah. The northeast drives me nuts the way Glenn Beck does to liberals.

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