Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Just because it's stupid and painful doesn't mean people won't do it...

Excellent case of a poser exposed at a gun show.

So, I went to a gun show today with a friend of mine. We were in the mood for some deals, and in general just wanted to go play with some guns. :righton: When we get there we immediately notice an individual in ACU's. Since this is on Aug 7th, a Saturday, this came to us as being odd. So, my friend and I both being active duty NCO's start to eye ball this guy and notice his badges and awards. Before I list his extensive record let me describe this individual first. 30-40 yr old white male, approx 300 lbs, Blonde high and tight hair cut and a goofy overall appearance. He was wearing glasses on the back of his head, a belt on the outside of his ACU top full of gadgets and a radio with a hand mic wrapped around him self and clipped on his uniform.

I wanted a closer look at this guy so I told my buddy I would be right back and conducted some good ole fashion recon. He was at the polaris dealer talking to the sales rep about buying 4 quads "for his guys." I jumped in the conversation

Me: Jokingly "4! Can I have one!"
He chuckled and I asked him what unit he was in.

Him:"10th Special Forces."

Me: "Really? What are you guys doing up here?"

Him: "Oh Im just helping out some friends of mine"

I took note of all his uniform bits and pieces and walked away. He went about his business and I later confronted him again and asked him if I could talk to him outside. He and I walked out to the back of the gun show and I began to ask him a series of questions that only an individual with his experience would know. He failed miserably and I then decided to level with him. I produced my ID and asked for his. He told me it was in his car so I said lets go get it. Of course he did not have one and I began to lay into him. I yelled at him for a good 30 minutes and made him remove all the items he had never earned on his uniform. I called him plenty of names and said that he was wearing a uniform that my friends have died in, and that he didn't even deserve to touch one.

This guy began to apologize and back pedal, and asked me not to "tell on him." I began to tear into him and lower his self esteem even more hoping that he attempts suicide tonight.

All in all this is everything he lied about and what he was wearing:

Special Forces Qualification
Ranger Qualification
Airborne Qualification
Combat Infantryman Badge with 2 stars
Senior Parachutist Badge
Air Assault Badge
Military Police Badge

Where to start with what's wrong with this? What in the world was this guy thinking he'd accomplish with this? Why would this loser think he would not be found out? You might be able to get by with a little posing, but c'mon, if you're going to claim Special Forces, Ranger, Air Assault, Paratrooper, etc badges, don't you think you ought to at least get under 300 pounds first? Piling on is generally lame, but how can you not in a case like this?

Seeing as how one of his costume items was a Military Police badge, Walter Mitty here may be facing some criminal charges in the near future...

(I saw this originally on View From the Porch)

GPDO from seems to have the best way to handle punishing this guy:

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