Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What pushed YOU over the edge today?

Me? Two stories read back to back.

Here's a sampling of typical liberals who showed their love for this country two years ago by putting chocolate carter in the white house. (H/T Tam's blog)

Why liberals need to be drowned as kids before they reach voting age

Followed right away by news that the .mil is increasingly comprised of members unlike the criminally worthless liberals who put obama into office Atlas needs to shrug.

...But members of the military are increasingly based in and recruited from rural and small-town areas of the South and mountainous West ...

Gates said the trend also affected training and recruitment of new officers. Alabama, with only 5 million people, has 10 Army reserve officer training programs in its colleges and universities. By comparison, the Los Angeles metropolitan area, with 12 million people, has only four programs and the Chicago metro area, with 9 million people, has three.

"There is a risk over time of developing a cadre of military leaders that politically, culturally and geographically have less and less in common with the people they have sworn to defend," he said.

Gee, ya think?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Simple and reliable

The Remington 870. This 12 gauge one is a former police gun, with 18" cylinder bore barrel, 4+1 capacity, and takes 3" magnum shells. Light, points handily, and for me has been rock solid reliable. This is what I'd pick up if I had to check out a bump in the night.

Picked it up this afternoon and put a few shells through it at my club.
Love it, even without any other accessories. I think the 870 is sort of the Glock of pump scatterguns. If you like utility, you'll love 'em.

Having one of these in my hands brought back some 20 year old memories from my Navy days. On my boat, the topside sentry carried one of these and the topside PO had a 1911 .45.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Uh oh

Just when the financial Hindenburg talk had died down for a little while ...

The problem (via Bayou Renaissance Man): entitlement spending on its own eats up every dollar of tax receipts, before anything else gets paid.

19.6%: Social Security
16.1%: Unemployment/Welfare
12.8%: Medicare
8.2%: Medicaid/SCHIP

56.7% - right now, here, today.

100% - 42% = 58%, or basically the portion of the budget that encompasses entitlements.

Entitlements consume, for all intents and purposes, every dollar of tax receipts in the here and now. Not tomorrow, not as growth in medical spending occurs, not in the future.

Right here, right now, today.
What President Obama told you is that The Federal Government has no plan to deal with this, not now and not in the future. It cannot even meet its own entitlement spending from the taxes it collects, leaving the entirety of the rest of the government, including national defense, to be put on the credit card.

You were told, today, that our government is insolvent.

Not "might become" insolvent if we don't change our ways.

The United States is insolvent, right here, right now, today, and The President announced it for all who cared to listen worldwide on national television...
It is mathematically impossible to solve this problem without dramatically cutting back on entitlement spending - by something approximating one third to one half.

That isn't going to happen (voluntarily) either.

So as an investor you are reduced to one - and only one - question:

How long will the "bubble view" of both Treasuries and Equites hold up - that is, for how long will people buy both stocks (at ridiculous bubble-spending levels where the government is providing 12% of GDP's gross amount via deficit borrowing) and bonds (funding said 12% of GDP) before those very same people have sink into their skulls The Admission The President of The United States just made on National Television: WE DO NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO FUND THE GOVERNMENT TODAY AND STRUCTURALLY NEVER WILL, BECAUSE HE DOES NOT HAVE THE DISCRETION TO DECREASE SPENDING IN THE PROGRAMS THAT CONSUME ALL OF PRESENT TAX REVENUES.

That's it folks. That's the only question to ask as a long-term investor.

For how long does the mass-delusion last?

Nothing else matters, because when (not if) that delusion ends the valuations of both stocks and bonds are going to collapse.

Not "dip", not "recede", not "sell off."


Original article.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Damned Straight

Couldn't agree more...

Reagan was the “wrong kind of people” too…

I’m getting just a little bit more than fed up with some of the Republican establishment at this point in the game.

It goes far deeper than the standard “RINO” (Republican In Name only) thing. A lot of “R’s”, both elected, and ensconced int eh party heirarchy, are among the “ruling class” mentality. Even George Bush (hell! Both of ‘em) succumbed to the “let’s play nice and be all bi-partisan” allure, the seductive stench that fills the Washington office spaces.

You have no idea how it sickened me to see George Bush pal around with Teddy Kennedy over the “No Child Left Behind” intrusion of Washington into education. I wouldn’t have gotten that close to Ted Kennedy without holy water and a wooden stake.

And now us people have the effrontery to make noises that sound suspiciously like a revolution when you’re listening from the Washington halls of power, when Tea Parties and other conservatives start wanting to have a say in who they send to congress. Hell, some of those people haven’t PAID THEIR DUES! They haven’t kissed up to the right places that need kissing, and they haven’t hobnobbed among the perfumed elite for the requisite amount, and some of them probably don’t even belong to the right clubs.

And they aren’t ready to play “bi-partisan”, to sell out the principles of personal freedom and responsibility, of sound fiscal policy, of smaller government, in exchange for a federally funded bridge with their name on it, and for heaven’s sake, if you won’t sell out for a bridge with your name on it, you must be some kind of libertarian-leaning right-wing whacko.

And that’s who I want to elect.

I want small government. I don’t want government looking at the size of my toilet tank, and I resent paying somebody to sit in an office and write rules about my light bulbs. I don’t want my government paying people to stay home and procreate. I get tired of a government who is mainly concerned with ME only so far as it seizes a huge chunk of my paycheck every year, and then watches to make sure that I don’t own a gun with too short a barrel.

And I am tired of a republican establishment that is no more than the dimmocrat establishment fifteen years ago in its policies.

It’s time of government by the people, and that means people like me. And the dues **I** paid won’t get me into the club either.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another 223?

A little window shopping pulls up a nice Armalite choice, the A4 SPR (Special Purpose Rifle).

$840 at Bud's.
Thinking about adding a longer distance precision shooting setup in 223. I really like the 16" carbine I have, but ... just feel the desire for a 20" barrel in more of a rifle setup.

Not sure if a varminting setup is exactly what I want though. Threaded barrel would be nice for the flash hider or even possibly a can later on.

Well, maybe not that exactly. It looks great up to the part where I get to one or two specs...
1:9" barrel twist - ok, but can't go heavier than 69 grain bullets.
two stage trigger - check, that's great.
Accuracy - 1.5-2 MOA. Not so good there, my carbine setup already exceeds that.
Maybe a high precision varminter is what I want after all.

Armalite M15A4(T) with 20" national match barrel, match trigger, 1 MOA.

Then again, is there $300-$400 worth of difference going from 1.5-2 MOA down to 1 MOA?

How about the 22" Remington R15 VTR varminter? ($940 Bud's)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dove World Outreach Center to burn korans

As usual, the LSM are reporting "news" but the real story isn't what's being reported.

The real story is NOT that sumdood in Gainesville is burning some korans.

The real story is ...
1) if islam really is the religion of peace and all that jazz, why would anyone need to worry about violence in reaction to a legitimate exercise of first amendment rights?
2) why is it that the people who seem most upset about this exercise of said rights, the same set who applaud "performance art" of people burning or showing disrespect for the U.S. flag or Christian religious symbols?
3) the "up-yours-America" mosque at the site of the 9/11 attacks is an ok expression of freedom, but burning a koran is not? Riiiiiight.

I don't want to or plan to burn any korans. I'd just as soon ignore this Gainesville church and let it slip out of the news all the quicker. But seeing as how just saying you're going to burn a koran brings all the roaches out of the woodwork, I'm tempted to organize our own little koran roast. It seems to piss off all the usual scumbags and they obviously need to learn to have a big mug of STFU whenever someone says or does something THAT DOESN'T HURT ANYONE ELSE that they don't like.

And for the love of pete, can we finally quit spouting this BS about islam being the religion of peace? Wake me up when Gainesville preacher guy starts stoning women and beheading people on homemade videos, then he'll start catching up to islam.

Monday, September 6, 2010

First 12 gauge shotshell reloads, ready to test

Yesterday I finally had time to cast up some slugs and buckshot, and got the first batch of 12 gauge slugs loaded up on the Lee LoadAll2.

Remington STS Premier hulls
CCI#209 primers
25 grains of Herco
WAA12 wad
Lyman 525 grain sabot 12 gauge slug cast from pure lead

Lyman #5 says this ought to go about 1250 fps. The loads David made up for me (actually I'm re-using the Rem. STS hulls he loaded up for me) were a bit hotter at 30 grains Herco and I chrono'd them at almost 1500 fps (Correction- 1350 fps!) if I recall correctly. These ought to be fine, and 525 grains at 1250 fps is still a whopping amount of whup-ass.

Hope to get out today to test these.

These slugs chrono'd at 1140 fps (SD = 10 fps), Lyman #5 says should be 1250.
For giggles I loaded up three of the gold Remington Nitro 27 hulls with the same load. says they're the same as the STS Premier hulls, and their internal construction appears to be exactly the same as the STS hulls.

But, the Nitro 27 loaded slugs came out at only 950 fps. Something's obviously different. And, I did a double check by shooting a couple of David's slug loads that previously came in at 1350 fps - yesterday they came in right at 1350 fps, still.
Thursday 9/9/10

Reloading Curmudgeon on shotgun shell hulls
Thursday 9/9/10 Part II

Ok, going to try loading up some STS hulls with buckshot next.
Putting about 1/8" spacer on top of WAA12F114 wad, and then 9 pellets of 0.31" buckshot in an STS or Nitro27 hull. load is 30.5 to 32 grains of HS-6 with nine #00 buck pellets and a WAA12F114 wad. Should be good for 1300/1350 fps at 8700/9500 psi.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Signs of Progress

That's my new Lee single stage shotshell reloading press. I have everything needed now except shotgun powder and primers. (Actually, I have some Unique powder left around and could use that if I have to.) Well, I also need to fire up the melting pots behind the press there and cast up some slugs and buckshot. Sunday, Sunday.

There was (is?) more to shotshell reloading than meets the eye initially, but not much more. I was once told that shotshell reloading is easier and more forgiving than metallic cartridge reloading, and I'm beginning to believe that.

Can't wait to test this baby out!