Thursday, September 16, 2010

Damned Straight

Couldn't agree more...

Reagan was the “wrong kind of people” too…

I’m getting just a little bit more than fed up with some of the Republican establishment at this point in the game.

It goes far deeper than the standard “RINO” (Republican In Name only) thing. A lot of “R’s”, both elected, and ensconced int eh party heirarchy, are among the “ruling class” mentality. Even George Bush (hell! Both of ‘em) succumbed to the “let’s play nice and be all bi-partisan” allure, the seductive stench that fills the Washington office spaces.

You have no idea how it sickened me to see George Bush pal around with Teddy Kennedy over the “No Child Left Behind” intrusion of Washington into education. I wouldn’t have gotten that close to Ted Kennedy without holy water and a wooden stake.

And now us people have the effrontery to make noises that sound suspiciously like a revolution when you’re listening from the Washington halls of power, when Tea Parties and other conservatives start wanting to have a say in who they send to congress. Hell, some of those people haven’t PAID THEIR DUES! They haven’t kissed up to the right places that need kissing, and they haven’t hobnobbed among the perfumed elite for the requisite amount, and some of them probably don’t even belong to the right clubs.

And they aren’t ready to play “bi-partisan”, to sell out the principles of personal freedom and responsibility, of sound fiscal policy, of smaller government, in exchange for a federally funded bridge with their name on it, and for heaven’s sake, if you won’t sell out for a bridge with your name on it, you must be some kind of libertarian-leaning right-wing whacko.

And that’s who I want to elect.

I want small government. I don’t want government looking at the size of my toilet tank, and I resent paying somebody to sit in an office and write rules about my light bulbs. I don’t want my government paying people to stay home and procreate. I get tired of a government who is mainly concerned with ME only so far as it seizes a huge chunk of my paycheck every year, and then watches to make sure that I don’t own a gun with too short a barrel.

And I am tired of a republican establishment that is no more than the dimmocrat establishment fifteen years ago in its policies.

It’s time of government by the people, and that means people like me. And the dues **I** paid won’t get me into the club either.

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