Monday, September 6, 2010

First 12 gauge shotshell reloads, ready to test

Yesterday I finally had time to cast up some slugs and buckshot, and got the first batch of 12 gauge slugs loaded up on the Lee LoadAll2.

Remington STS Premier hulls
CCI#209 primers
25 grains of Herco
WAA12 wad
Lyman 525 grain sabot 12 gauge slug cast from pure lead

Lyman #5 says this ought to go about 1250 fps. The loads David made up for me (actually I'm re-using the Rem. STS hulls he loaded up for me) were a bit hotter at 30 grains Herco and I chrono'd them at almost 1500 fps (Correction- 1350 fps!) if I recall correctly. These ought to be fine, and 525 grains at 1250 fps is still a whopping amount of whup-ass.

Hope to get out today to test these.

These slugs chrono'd at 1140 fps (SD = 10 fps), Lyman #5 says should be 1250.
For giggles I loaded up three of the gold Remington Nitro 27 hulls with the same load. says they're the same as the STS Premier hulls, and their internal construction appears to be exactly the same as the STS hulls.

But, the Nitro 27 loaded slugs came out at only 950 fps. Something's obviously different. And, I did a double check by shooting a couple of David's slug loads that previously came in at 1350 fps - yesterday they came in right at 1350 fps, still.
Thursday 9/9/10

Reloading Curmudgeon on shotgun shell hulls
Thursday 9/9/10 Part II

Ok, going to try loading up some STS hulls with buckshot next.
Putting about 1/8" spacer on top of WAA12F114 wad, and then 9 pellets of 0.31" buckshot in an STS or Nitro27 hull. load is 30.5 to 32 grains of HS-6 with nine #00 buck pellets and a WAA12F114 wad. Should be good for 1300/1350 fps at 8700/9500 psi.

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