Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Simple and reliable

The Remington 870. This 12 gauge one is a former police gun, with 18" cylinder bore barrel, 4+1 capacity, and takes 3" magnum shells. Light, points handily, and for me has been rock solid reliable. This is what I'd pick up if I had to check out a bump in the night.

Picked it up this afternoon and put a few shells through it at my club.
Love it, even without any other accessories. I think the 870 is sort of the Glock of pump scatterguns. If you like utility, you'll love 'em.

Having one of these in my hands brought back some 20 year old memories from my Navy days. On my boat, the topside sentry carried one of these and the topside PO had a 1911 .45.

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