Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What pushed YOU over the edge today?

Me? Two stories read back to back.

Here's a sampling of typical liberals who showed their love for this country two years ago by putting chocolate carter in the white house. (H/T Tam's blog)

Why liberals need to be drowned as kids before they reach voting age

Followed right away by news that the .mil is increasingly comprised of members unlike the criminally worthless liberals who put obama into office Atlas needs to shrug.

...But members of the military are increasingly based in and recruited from rural and small-town areas of the South and mountainous West ...

Gates said the trend also affected training and recruitment of new officers. Alabama, with only 5 million people, has 10 Army reserve officer training programs in its colleges and universities. By comparison, the Los Angeles metropolitan area, with 12 million people, has only four programs and the Chicago metro area, with 9 million people, has three.

"There is a risk over time of developing a cadre of military leaders that politically, culturally and geographically have less and less in common with the people they have sworn to defend," he said.

Gee, ya think?

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