Sunday, October 24, 2010

Shotshell Reloading

It's good to be home again and to be able to hang out in my shop. This weekend, shotshell reloading. Remington black compression formed hulls (Target Club?), 31.0 grains of HS-6, WAA12F114 wad and 10 balls of 0.311" buck. I chrono'd this load at about 1280 fps when loaded in STS hulls, which should be and appear to be equivalent.

The reloading bench setup for shotshells.

Hulls resized, primed, powder charge added, and wad seated. 10 balls of 0.311" buck placed by hand, now ready to crimp.

Crimp started.

Crimp finished.

Finished buckshot shotshells, ready for the range.

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