Sunday, January 16, 2011

facepalm time - Catholic church

Sometimes, I see or hear something and my reaction is simply "you know, that really pisses me off". This is one of those things. This too.

Gun control: Church firmly, quietly opposes firearms for civilians


The Catholic Church's position on gun control is not easy to find; there are dozens of speeches and talks and a few documents that call for much tighter regulation of the global arms trade, but what about private gun ownership?

The answer is resoundingly clear: Firearms in the hands of civilians should be strictly limited and eventually completely eliminated.

WTF, seriously!? Always trying to find the silver lining, at least I can stop worrying over whether leaving my old parish was a good thing or not.

Memo to US Bishops: Hey dipshits, there are places already that are just like what you assholes want, where only the government has the guns. They're not utopias, though, they're called prisons, and they're hellholes where the strong prey on the weak.
Assholes. I'm so glad you're no longer getting even one dime of my hard-earned $.

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