Sunday, February 20, 2011

Central Florida Tactical Conference this weekend

I just got back from two full days of excellent training at the Central Florida Tactical Conference. 7am-5pm both days of self-defense class and exercise training. I must have drank a flat of Gatoraid being outside in the sun all day but it was awesome. Good times, good people, and good learning. And I've first-hand experienced several new (to me) instructors from whom I will get training at my next opportunity.
Shannon Smith
Andy Stanford
Massad Ayoob (not new to me since I took his MAG-40 class last year)

Tip for the day- Managing Unknown Contacts. Our session with Andy Stanford on this was flat-out awesome.

Also totally enjoyed Phil Peplinski's empty hand class, Shannon Smith's fast & accurate pistol shooting class, John Strayer's revolver class, and Massad Ayoob's class on psycho-physiological changes during life-threatening encounters.

Me at the revolver class:

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