Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Mainstream Media and Obama Akbar

Chris Muirfield nails it perfectly in the top panel of the strip. A religous ecstasy explains the northeast and liberal's Obama mania indeed.

Chris Muirfield nails it perfectly.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hacker Lore

Got some great hacker-lore references from Borepatch's blog. If you're an IT geek, this is a black-hole that will suck you in for hours. VAX? I *remember* working on one of those!

Hacker Lore and Jargon

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fukushima Daiichi Reactor Plant Accident and douchebags on tv

Speaking as a former USN (Chief) Engineer Officer-qualified nuclear operator, forget about getting any reliable news reports on the Japanese nuclear power plant problems from the mainstream media (looking at you, CNN, HLN, Fox, MSNBC, etc)

And especially forget anything that douchebag Michio Kaku says. He is a theoretical physicist utterly unqualified to opine on nuclear power, radiation safety, or the health effects of ionizing radiation. When he says as he did yesterday that the situation is about to go "beyond Chernobyl", he's full of shit. Chernobyl = prompt criticality with steam and hydrogen explosions INSIDE THE CORE, in a building with NO CONTAINMENT, and a large, intense graphite FIRE IN THE CORE which stirred up the core remnants and threw them high into the atmosphere. In Japan, the situation is that units 4-6 were already shutdown for maintenance. Units 1-3 have had hydrogen explosions OUTSIDE OF THE CORE AND OUTSIDE OF THE CONTAINMENT. The containment buildings are intact or partially intact (unit #2 is suspected of having a breach). Yes, there has been some core damage, that is, melting of fuel. However, the fuel is still inside the reactor vessels, which are still inside the containment buildings. A leak of fission products ain't great, but it in no way approaches the magnitude of Chernobyl accident. The release of radioactivity isn't as large as Chernobyl, and the prospects for controlling the situation are much better.

Kaku isn't stupid, he's just a publicity whore who likes media attention and knows that to the media and to the public, "theoretical physicist" is someone who Knows Stuff. Bullshit! If you want to know about radiation safety or health effects of radiation exposure, ask a Health Physicist or a Medical Physicist. If you want to know about Reactor Safety, ask a qualified nuclear operator. Kaku knows he's speaking way beyond his training and qualifications, but thinks you the public are too ignorant to know that. There are quite a few 19 year old sailors in the Navy who know a lot more about radiation safety than this Kaku assclown.

Here's the real deal on the Fukushima accident situation from the NEI (Nuclear Energy Institute), a reliable source of information.