Thursday, August 11, 2011

Trigger Reset reminder

Mike from Portland visited this weekend and gave me some training tips, perhaps the most important being "trigger reset". I thought I knew about "trigger reset" from handguns, but the same exact principle applies to long guns, perhaps even more. Trying my AK clone, Mike had that gun making noises I'd never known it could make. "Click!" "Bang" "Click!" "Bang". The click is the hammer catching when you hold the trigger back, and the bolt carrier catches on that recess in the trigger sear. Only let the trigger forward enough until you hear the click, then you're right on the edge of the "hair trigger" which makes then next trigger break much more predictable and consistent. Trying it Mike's way, I saw my "AK group" size at 50 yards shrink in half.

I shall have to work on making this method of trigger pulling my new standard way... use the trigger reset!